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Our Story

We saw the movie The Notebook which portrayed an amazing love story between a husband (Noah) his wife (Allie). Allie lost her memory and could no longer remember, not even that the man in front of her is her beloved husband.

Prior to losing her memory, Allie wrote their love story in a notebook. Noah (her husband) patiently comes every day to read the love story written in the notebook - their love story. Hoping that by reading the story in the notebook, Allie would remember and “come back to him”.

We were inspired...

We felt compelled to capture amazing love stories from people all over the world - so that these stories would not be forgotten and the power of love would inspire others.

About Us

We are a family team. Our greatest family value is LOVE. We love each other and enjoy working together on projects. Jonathan is 16 years old and Jason his brother is 12. They are both great with computers ( yes, they know how to code HTML ) and are very creative and entrepreneurial. Jonathan is the official Project Leader of this website.

Jonathan and Jason have been blessed to of see many amazing love stories in their own family.

Over 30 years ago, Grandma Lucy sacrificed a good life in Colombia to bring her children to the United States. She was driven by her deep love for her four children. She kept the family together by her strong faith in God and by creating a “Circle of Love” with her children.

Jonathan’s and Jason’s other grandparents, Grandma Evelyn and GrandpaDayton, were married for 57 years. Grandpa Dayton suffered a stroke and was later diagnosed with Cancer. His wife Evelyn, dedicated herself to caring for her husband for almost 7 years until he went to be with the Lord in December 2007.

Mom ( Pamela ) and Dad ( Diego ) have been married 20 years and adore their children and support and encourage them to develop their talents and to love and serve others.

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